Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm going hoooooooooome

Hey!! This is going to be a short e-mail.


We’re hanging out in the office in Novosibirsk, President Gibbons is coming in an hour to pick us up and take us to his house. There are 4 missionaries going home tomorrow. We'll eat dinner there then wake up super early tomorrow to catch our plane...  29 hours later..





I took this picture as I'm typing this letter
Weird. I've been pretty nervous about it this whole week, but when I woke up this morning I was just excited. Russia and my mission already feel just like a dream, it's the WEIRDEST feeling. But... all I can say is that I'm glad to be getting away from the cold. It's death. I got frostbite on my nose TWICE!!!! I just don't know how people can live here... I will never go somewhere -40 degrees again.

It's kinda fun at the same time though, because everything wood is frosted white. Trees, houses, fences, benches... even the air is so frozen that you can see it. It looks like fog, but it's not... it's just frozen air. Sometimes the buildings look like the great and spacious building in Lehi's dream, they look like they're floating in a cloud when it gets to -42 Celsius.

Love you all J

SEE YOU SOON. I'm coming home.

Sister Williams

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